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Reap Point Star

You Say...We Pay!

If you’re a Pennine Housing tenant you can REaP the rewards for taking part in a range of involvement options. There’s something for everyone, it doesn’t always mean attending meetings - there are ways to get involved in your area or even your own front room! 
Why not watch Making a difference, a short film created by tenants to find out more?

So how does it work? Level 1    £50 per property 

Collect 10 points in a year (1st April to 31st March) You will receive 1 point every time you attend any of the following:
  • Area Committee (4 per year) 
  • Local Boards (Sheffield Only) (max 4 per year)
  • Supported Housing Tenants’ Forum (4 per year)
    (supported housing tenants only)
  •  Coffee Morning Consultation (4 per year)
    (supported housing tenants only)
  • Green Champions
  • Estate Walkabouts

Estate Walkabouts - January to September 2014

You will receive 6 points per year for regularly taking part in:

  • Easy Read Group
  • Editorial Panel (numbers limited)
  • Service Reviews

Other ways to earn points by attending:
(The number of points awarded will be advertised prior to each event)
  • Tenant Conferences
  • Scheme Panels
  • Focus Groups

If you would like to sign up to the REaP Scheme level 1, please do not hesitate to call: 0300 555 5557 or fill in the printable leaflet :

and send it to us at:

Tenant Involvement Section
Pennine Housing 2000

Level 2    £250 per property

Level two needs a bit more committment and involves some training so you can help take a closer look at how we are performing and making sure we are providing value for money services but the reward is greater at £250 a year.

Here is a brief outline of the most recent Scrutiny undertaken by Tenants.
Given the rather catchy title “Fire Safety in medium and high rise blocks, where the Stay Put Policy applies”, this is second scrutiny project the group have completed.
Before each project is decided the group look at information showing how well and not so well Pennine is doing in delivering services to you, our tenants. The panel decided on Fire Safety because this information showed that:-
·         Over 1500 tenants are living in flats where the stay put policy applies
·         Not all tenants got the same information about Fire Safety
·         When there was a fire some tenants didn’t know what to do
The work was divided up so we could find out, what our tenants know about fire safety, what staff at Pennine know about fire safety and what other landlords do to keep their tenants informed about fire safety and the stay put policy?
We sent out surveys to everyone living in flats with a stay put policy, we interviewed staff; we talked to other landlords and the fire service. Finally we inspected every block looking for fire risks.
All this information was put together in a report, given to Senior Managers and to the Pennine Housing Board.
We made 16 recommendations which were all accepted and if you live in high rise blocks you should see some changes in the near future.
*Briefly the recommendations are
  1. To make sure that fire risk assessments are undertaken and/or reviewed annually.
  2. To store fire risk assessments and fire alarm test records in one electronic location.
  3. Identify fire risk repairs and monitor outcomes.
  4. Make sure all contract work is checked within a week of completion.
  5. Update staff regularly of fire safety regulations. 
  6. Re-classify all blocks as ‘managed use’ except in exceptional circumstances and advise tenants what this means.
  7. Remove flammable liquids when found in cupboards opening onto communal areas.
  8. Mobility scooters to be managed in line with the Mobility Scooter Policy
  9. Specialised staff training as appropriate.
  10. Ensure consistent fire safety awareness training.
  11. Easy to read fire safety notices are to be displayed on every floor.
  12. Communicate the design changes to the bin chutes.
  13. Produce a fact sheet for tenants in high rise blocks.
  14. Performance information will be provided to area committees.
  15. Ensure funding to work previously identified.
  16. Fire doors to communal areas should have one piece closers.


If you would like more details about the recommendations, the scrutiny process or would like to get involved in similar projects please telephone 0300 555 5557 and ask for Beverley Tommis or Rachael Bateman.
Picture: Pennine Scrutiny representatives following a presentation to Senior Management


Only one REaP registration per property. Any tenancy where there are rent arrears will still be eligible for REaP but any rewards will be paid against the arrears.

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