Impact Assessment

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What is an Impact Assessment?

The Impact Assessment measures and evaluates the difference made to services by involving tenants.  Every year we produce a report which shows what tenant involvement activities have taken place and what difference your involvement has made to you and your community.   

Impact Assessment for 2011/2012 now here!

Tenant Involvement Annual Impact Assessment 2011/12

There are hard copies in local neighbourhood offices, but if you would like to request your own please contact Tenant Involvement on 0300 555 5557.

Older Versions:
How we’ve measured whether things are working?

Tenant’s who have been involved in Tenant Involvement activities, came together to review the range of tenant involvement structures and initiatives. They were asked to give their verdict, using a traffic light system, and make any comments if there was an amber or red verdict. Recommendations suggested for Tenant Involvement are in the action plan at the back of this document.
If you would like any further information about the Annual Impact Assessment, please contact Rachael Bateman on 0300 555 5557 or e-mail


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