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We are fully committed to providing equality of opportunity and embrace diversity. “Everyone’s different, everyone matters” is one of our core values. Getting it right for disabled people is therefore fundamental to achieving our aims, both as a service provider and as an employer.
As a Company that prides itself on being a learning Organisation with a strong culture of continuous improvement, we believe that the DES will help us address our gaps and make real improvements for our disabled customers.
Disabled people are already a significant part of Trans-Pennine Housing‟s customer base and we realise, with changing demographics, numbers will increase.  Getting it right for disabled people must therefore be an essential part of our mainstream activities. We must also drive forward cultural change throughout the Organisation, based on the social model of disability. 
We need to play our part in breaking down the barriers and improve our approach,“Thinking like a customer” underpins our approach to customer care. We need to strength this, to reflect the disabled customer‟s perspective. “Thinking like a disabled customer” is what we aim to do, in everything that we do. Of course, getting it right for disabled people will help us get it right for many of our other customers too. 
We believe the Disabilty Equality Scheme provides a significant catalyst and an excellent framework to drive forward improvements to our services for disabled people.
Most of all, our Disability Equality Scheme it‟s about helping us to make a real difference to the lives of our disabled customers. We would therefore like to thank all those customers, staff and partners who have given their time to help develop Trans-Pennine Housing‟s first Disability Equality Scheme. And also for their continuing involvement which will make sure we do indeed improve the lives of disabled people.
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Our Disability Equality Scheme says what disabled people want us to change. It also says how we will make things better for disabled people.

Pennine Housing 2000 Disability Action Plan
Jan 2008- Dec 2010
This version of the plan highlights the Pennine priorities only. The year one priorities are highlighted in red in the action plan. The other actions in the plan will be reviewed with tenants and partners at the annual Involvement event. Priorities will therefore be agreed annually for each year ahead.
Year 1 - January 2008 to Dec 2008
Year 2 – January 2009 – Dec 2009
Year 3 – January 2010 – Dec 2011

From April 1st Pennine Housing 2000 are now a member of the new Together Housing Group - all plans are in the process of being reproduced and updated.

Trans-Pennine Housing Group no longer exists.

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