Sheffield Joint Management Board

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The original two Local Management Boards in Sheffield have merged to form one joint management board.

Following consultation and agreement the structure has changed from having one Manor Park and Harold Lambert Court Local Management Board and one Wisewood, Wadsley and Loxley Local Management Board to having one joint management board for Sheffield area.

The tenant and resident members on these boards, represent local communities and attend regular board meetings. They have the responsibility for making decisions about issues such as the investment programme, business planning, how budget money is spent, performance and local policies.  Members of the two local boards suggested we should look at changing the original structure for the following reasons:

  1. The workload of the local boards had reduced - mainly due to the investment work nearing completion.
  2. Merging the two would save money - having two boards is quite expensive.
  3. Reduction in staff time taken to service to two boards - Time saved could be used to undertake work which tenants have identified as a priority.
  4. Most importantly - one of the advantages of working across the whole of Sheffield is the opportunity for members to learn from each other, picking up good ideas and learning from shared experiences.

The Sheffield Local Management Board is now made up of 12 people:

  • 3 tenant / resident representatives from Wisewood / Wadsley / Loxley
  • 3 tenant / resident representatives from Manor Park
  • 2 tenant / resident representatives from Harold Lambert Court (one Leaseholder)
  • 2 Council Nominees 
  • 2 Independents

If you would like to be considered for any future positions or simply wish to find out more about the role of the Operations Committee in Sheffield please contact the Sheffield Housing Office on 0300 555 5558.


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