Creating Jobs

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Creating Jobs

Helping to overcome worklessness has been recognised by the government as being of high importance and priority for Housing Associations like us. Fortunately we have been very busy over the years, working with partners to deliver jobs and training towards work.

Getting people into work is often a key factor in helping them to live positively and contribute to the safety and welfare of their community. In the past 6 years, we have helped over 200 people into jobs either with ourselves, partner companies or through schemes we have run to help.

Our Modern Apprenticeship programme created 41 jobs with training for young people and had a fantastic success rate. Many of the original participants are still with us as employees, with many others having good careers with partners and in the wider community. 

The Routes into Social Enterprise project with the Department for Trade and Industry helped to create 12 new “not for profit” businesses in Calderdale and many jobs along the way

Our Manse workshop created half a dozen training jobs which led to these employees achieving full craft status in some cases.

We are working in Sheffield with Places for People and local agencies to deliver Working Rite, an employment project for the most disaffected young people to link them up with small construction employers, giving them full time work for the first time in many cases and using the employer as mentor and role model.

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